April 16, 2015

Shore House Main Level

Hello!  I mentioned in my last post that we were heading to the New Jersey to check on the progress of the shore house.  A lot has been done since my last visit in October - walls, paint lighting all up and looking amazing! Over the next two weeks I'm hoping to share all the design boards I created for each space and the take real "afters" once the house is complete - hopefully by the second or third week in May.

Today's board is what we wanted the second floor color scheme and overall feel to be.  This is an upside down house so the kitchen and main living room are all on the second floor!

The idea was to keep things simple and the colors neutral because it is just one big open space with lots of natural light.  I'll do a complete source board when the after photos go up.  Below can  you can see the direction we are going in!

Shore House Main Level

Love how everything is turning out and working together! 
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April 3, 2015

Happy Weekend and a Few Other Things

This week completely got away from me!  Sorry for the lack of posts here but between getting ready for Layla's birthday on Saturday and hosting family this weekend I just didn't have time to get a proper post up yesterday.  So today (late today) I thought I's share that today we finally dyed eggs and made the flowers above with the egg carton and paint...I saw something on Pinterest about these awhile ago but didn't really follow a tutorial to make them...just cut, shape, paint and glue - pretty easy and cute!  Thinking about using these on the food tables this weekend!

I also finally got around to creating a vintage shop on Etsy, Hadley Boo Vintage.  It only has a few listings (transferred from Layla Lou Studio) but I'm excited to start adding to it.  Having a shop exclusively for vintage items has been something I have wanted to for awhile since I love hunting for vintage pieces but don't always have a place to put them!

Well I hope you all have a great weekend, I'll be back here and there next week (Spring Break for the kids) since we'll be traveling up to NJ to see how the shore house is progressing - cannot wait!


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April 1, 2015

Wishlist Wedneday ~ Summer Jewelry

Some fun and trendy ideas for Summer 2015!

                                                     multi-colored ring necklace

                                                        bubble bead necklace

                                                            fuschia ladder bracelet

                                                               floral cluster earrings

                                                             palm leaf necklace

                                                           beaded tassel lariat

Can summer get here soon enough???!!!! ♥

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March 30, 2015

Getting Ready for Easter

Hello!  We are hosting Easter brunch again this year and for the last week or two I have been prepping for it.  It's a fun, relaxed family day where all 20 of us are in the same place at the same time  - for a few hours at least.  There will be lots of food, simples dishes like this that can be started the night before so the morning of isn't so crazy,  followed by an egg hunt for the kids. 

These little guys are serving as food descriptions.  I printed and then cut out a bunny template ( similar here), glued on a cotton ball tail and a pennant made out of two small post it notes and a toothpick! 
I'll write the description of each dish on the pennant  - once I finalize our menu!

Little name cards held with pretty binder clips from the Target dollar section.

Plastic buckets filled with a few things for the kids and ready for egg collecting!

And everything else!!

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March 27, 2015

Craft Closet Complete!

TGIF! I'm happy to report that our much neglected and procrastinated about craft closet is in much better form than when you last saw it here.  I moved a few not-often-used things down to a large basement closet that serves as a holiday catch-all and décor storage so now it's a lot less cluttered.

I'll use this closet just for the girls' school bins, my Etsy projects, fabric/yarn and party supplies.



Have a great weekend!!

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March 24, 2015

Wishlist Wednesday - Sunny Weather Dresses, Please

It sure doesn't feel like it here - but Summer is just two months away.   A few lovely dresses that are ready for the warm weather!

The Colorblock.

The Maxi.
The Floral Sun Dress.

The T Shirt Dress.

The Vintage Beauty.


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We Need A New Kitchen Table

Hello!  We own a lot of Ikea furniture.  From the shelving in the family room to Hadley's little bed.  And I have never encountered a major issue....for the price you pay perfection isn't always expected but the things we have purchased have held up incredibly well and we've been happy with them.  Except for the kitchen table.  Oh the kitchen table, the one I ran out and bought at an Ikea that was 45 minutes from our house a month after Hadley was born to prove to myself that I could still do things with two kids in tow.  I even called Scott after I got home - soooo proud of myself.  Well that table was a good idea at the time.  We hadn't even moved in our house yet but we knew from the limited space in the kitchen that a round table that extended would make the most sense.  Enter the Ikea Liatorp table for $249.  Looks like this table has since been replaced with this one for $100 more - lets hope its been improved.

Here is what the table looked like when I bought almost 4 years ago.
Here is in the kitchen after we moved in.

Once we moved and the table was set up it was fine.  That was until someone drops a fork and suddenly there is a small "ding" in the table.  Then someone spills water.  Well the mixture of exposed Particleboard (fake wood) and liquid causes swelling which caused paint to chip off.  We sealed the spots as soon as they happened but it was no use - one would turn into five within a few days. 

And here are the bumps and swells that have taken over.

When this first started happening I tried covering them with waterproof decals - but that made it look even worse plus with two little girls the table never stayed clean which meant the decals never stayed stuck.  Then I had a better idea. Cover the whole thing! I sanded down the entire table, repainted it white and applied a food safe sealer.  Once that dried I applied an adhesive and put this gorgeous fabric over the two sections of the table and then sealed that with four coats of polyurethane.  This process was annoying since the sealer smelled and it all needed at least a week to "cure" I did everything in the garage.
The end result was really pretty and a big improvement.
This solution was great for about 3 or 4 months but then the edges of the fabric started to curl and fray and the swelling came back in the middle of the table where the split was.
Lovely right?
So after all that hard work I decided to just cover the table with tablecloths - I bought two from Target and one is always in the wash so they are nice and faded now: ) 
All of this has lead me to start looking for a new table, one that will hopefully withstand everything our family can dish out.  Below are a few that I am considering.  Until then I might need to pick up a few new tablecloths!

Crate and Barrel.
Pottery Barn.
See you tomorrow!!

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